We asked men with seafood images inside their Tinder profile: Why?

We asked men with seafood images inside their Tinder profile: Why?

One of these is really a legit fisherman ha

Tinder: love it, hate it, or delete and redownload it every fourteen days, we could all agree with one thing appropriate? We want to be welcomed with a bit of eye candy and some decent chat when we go on Tinder. Therefore, why once I start the software (that’s meant to entice me personally into dating, or possibly starting up with your individuals, could I include) have always been I greeted with image after image of big fish that is slimy?

I have numerous, numerous, many concerns when it comes to males of our world: Why should you keep the bathroom chair up? Why would you insist upon distributing your feet as far available that you can on trains and buses? Why would you have the need certainly to mansplain my literal degree if you ask me? But genuinely, perhaps perhaps not just one of those is much more pressing than WHY in the world males have the want to consist of images of these keeping a seafood within their Tinder profile image? Might you really n’t have simply gone for that image of you in a bar, in your mate’s yard – god, a good Snapchat filter at this time?

Fuelled by confusion, semi-disgust and a aspire to respond to the pushing concerns of 2021, we swiped suitable for every kid having a seafood pic i could find and asked possibly them WHY. Here’s just exactly what that they had to state on their own:

The fish is thought by me appearance actually nice

Tbf I would personallyn’t mind being that seafood x

Joe ended up being the man that is first a seafood pic that we swiped upon. After interrogating him about their seafood photo, he complimented me personally for my “interesting questions” (stop it you!) and explained he included it “because I love to fish, and I also think it is a significant photo”. Continue reading